JORG DPS.2512 | High-Speed UV-LED

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44227 Dortmund
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44227 Dortmund



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Ja, die Maschine kann aber nicht in Betrieb genommen werden.
We have used this printer in our showroom for presentations only.


  • Demo Machine from September 2018
  • Imaging area of ​​2.54 m x 1.22 m
  • Long-life UV-LED technology with low energy consumption
  • High printing speed in high-speed mode up to 46 m²/h
  • Highest printing quality in high-resolution mode up to
      1440 dpi
  • 6 color channels (CMYK + white + Varnish)
  • Optional extension to 8 channels possible
      (Light Cyan + Light Magenta)
  • Multi-layer white printing with White Ink Circulation System
  • UV Varnish for glossy and semi-gloss effects and 3D printing
  • 6 Konica-Minolta printheads model 4-16KM1024i
  • High-Res Grayscale Technology with variable droplet size
      (6-18 pl)
  • 4 vacuum zones for optimally adjustable vacuum levels
  • Direct printing of material up to 10 cm thickness with     Automatic Height Adjustment
  • Anti Static Bar reduces paint overspray caused by static     electricity
  • Fresh ink inlet delivery with color refill during operation
  • Easy alignment of the substrates with retractable stop pins
  • Anti-crash sensors protect printheads against impact     damage
  • Low consumption and low printing costs thanks to
      UV-curing LED Inks
  • Wide range of printable materials, e.g. PVC, paper,     cardboard, wood, acrylic glass, styrene, polycarbonate,   aluminum composites, etc.
  • Image Process Software JORG DPS.Print 2.1 to import
      TIFF-, JPEG-, PS-, EPS- and pdf-files
  • with moveable arm for keyboard and monitor
  • Optionally, the JORG DPS.2512 UV/LED can be equipped     with a roll feed for a hybrid printer
  • Dimensions: W 480 cm D 260 cm H 144 cm
  • Net weight 2.000 kg | Gross Weight 2.100 kg
  • Input voltage: 240 VAC | Single phase | 50/60 Hz | 40 A
  • Power consumption around 5,5 Kw


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